Blowing Up Strech Armstrong With a Garden Hose

The ever-curious team of Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy of The Slow Mo Guys hilariously cut off the right hand of a Stretch Armstrong and attached a garden hose to film in slow motion the point at which the action figure would explode. Gruchy had made an interesting prediction about the anatomical location that would give way, and it turned out he was correct.

Gav and Dan make a startling discovery about the Stretch Armstrong and its weakest spot.

Gruchy was then filmed in slow motion holding an exploding Stretch Armstrong. Free quite enjoyed the sight, Gruchy not so much.

It was hard. My wrist was slippery and he was getting massive where’s he burst from. He doesn’t look like he got as big as when he was on the floor because because my the arm is like not even … I think it’s from the crotch again again.