A Beautiful Rescued Blind, Deaf Cat Rides Around Her Human’s House on a Roomba-Style Vacuum

An absolutely beautiful rescued blind, deaf, toothless seven year old black cat named Venrtia, who was essentially left for dead on the streets, enjoyed a ride around around her foster human Lisa Krakosky‘s house while sitting atop a Neatorobotics automatic vacuum. Despite her disabilities, Venetia had no problem navigating around the room, especially since she was able to figure out how to power on the device by herself.

Recently our blind and deaf resident cat Venetia has become enamored with our Neatorobotics vacuum. No matter how many soft blankets and beds we offer her, she prefers to sit on and sprawl out on Neato. Despite it requiring two pushes of the button to turn Neato on, she has taken several joyrides on Neato

Ventia the Cat on Robotic Vacuum

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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