Blind Cat From Greece Finds Loving Home in London

Geobeats Animals visited with a blind cat named Dmitri and his beloved human who shared what life is like for a feline who can’t see.

Dmitri was rescued from the streets of Greece and brought to London where he lives now. Both his eyes became infected while he was living on the streets and they had to be removed. According to his human, who had never lived with a cat before, Dmitri is a loving lap cat who is very independent. While he can sometimes get overwhelmed, he adjusts very well to changes in his environment by using his other senses.

Overall he’s just a very very loving affectionate cat. It was my first cat altogether so I was nervous about being solely responsible for taking care of him but other than the fact that he can’t go outside without supervision, he’s just like any other cat. Something that surprised me was that he just kind of knows where everything is. He uses his nose and whiskers and other senses to find his way around.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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