British Singer Blesses the Rains in Scandinavia in a Hilarious Black Metal Cover of the Toto Song ‘Africa’

Bless the Rains in Scandinavia Woods in Trees Black Metal Africa Cover

The classic 1982 Toto song “Africa” has been getting a great deal of attention as of late. Aside from being declared the “internet’s favorite song“, it has also been the subject of a clever Twitter campaign to get Weezer to cover the song and even Weird Al Yankovic got involved.

Completely separate from that, British musician Daniel Horvath of Woods of Trees knocks it out of the park with a hilarious but amazingly well sung black metal cover of the song, which features all sorts of very cute things flying about his head with some interspersed in between. Additionally, rather than “blessing the rains down in Africa”, Horvath’s version the blesses the rains of Scandinavia instead.

HAIL My friends!! I, Big Winter, have returned once more. Enjoy this ungodly piece ov muzik.

via Billboard

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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