A Search to Find the Best Pizza in the United States

Food blogger Joshua Weissman asked his many viewers to submit ideas for the best pizza in the United States. He narrowed the search down to three cities: Detroit, Chicago, and New York City.

Pizza is one of the biggest food businesses in the world it’s valued at $141 billion and America alone owns one-third of all of that …America’s done a pretty good job of adapting this European invention into something of its very own while still giving respect to the traditional art form. That’s why today we’re going to try to find the best pizza in America.

While he liked the pizza samplings from the first two cities, Weissman decided that he wanted to further explore New York City pizza and looked to local pizza expert Scott Wiener of Scott’s Pizza Tours.

New York City is the winner that means we’re going to do our Deep dive here but with over 2,000 pizzerias five boroughs, it’s nearly impossible to eat at every single one ….I’m handing over the rigns to the one and only person I ever would do this with, the New York City Pizza expert Scott Wiener. He’s eaten at every noteworthy New York City pizza shop while leading his pizza tour business Scott’s Pizza tours, and he holds the Guinness Record for World’s Biggest Pizza Box Collection.

Included in this tour were John’s Pizza and Joe’s Pizza, both in Greenwich Village, Patsy’s Pizzeria in Harlem, Di Fara Pizza in Midwood, Brooklyn, Lucali in Carroll Gardens, Luigi’s Pizza in Park Slope, Best Pizza in Williamsburg, Rubirosa in Nolita, Mama’s Too on the Upper West Side, Upside Pizza in Midtown, Mano’s Pizzeria in Ridgewood, Queens, Scarr’s Pizza in the Lower East Side, and L’Industrie Pizza in Williamsburg.

While Weissmann liked all of them, his favorites were L’Industrie, Scarrs and Mano’s. These choices include three of the five boroughs, which makes them very representative of New York City pizza as a whole.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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