A Website That Lets You Add Bernie Sanders Sitting at the Inauguration to Any Location on Google Maps

Bernie Sanders made quite a fashion statement at the Inauguration of President Joe Biden that instantly took over the Internet as a meme. The popular Senator from Vermont and former Presidential candidate looked very cozy and casual in a blue surgical mask, a Burton Gore-Tex hooded jacket and a pair of striped brown mittens made by fellow Vermonter Jen Ellis that are knitted from recycled sweater wool. His look was made even more iconic by a specific hunched position that evokes the tacit acceptance of someone who is waiting for his partner to finish shopping.

Software engineer Nick Sawhney was so inspired by this look that he put together a wonderfully fun interactive site that allows users to add a sitting Bernie to any location using Google Maps.

The site Sawhney created is expensive to maintain, so he’s raising funds to help keep the site running.

If you’re here it’s probably because of my bernie-sits website! I’m overjoyed so many people like it! The server costs money to keep running and stable, which is currently coming out of my own pocket. Google also charges me each time someone uses the site for using the maps API. As a grad student, I can use all the help I can get paying to keep it running!

Here are several “Bernie” sits around New York City.

Bernie Williamsburg Bridge

Bernie at Trump Tower

Bernie at Brooklyn Bridge

Bernie at Central Park

Bernie at Prospect Park

Bernie at the High Line

Users on various forms of social media have plotted Bernie in a variety of different and surprising places.

Here’s how to get the wonderful mittens Bernie wearing if you want to try the look yourself.

Sanders responded to the meme with good humor and discussed it in an interview with Seth Meyers.

Sanders is selling a sweatshirt with the image with 100% of proceeds going to Meals on Wheels Vermont.

Bernie Sanders Sitting Sweatshirt

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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