Benevolent Photographer Donates Her Talents to Help Find Homes for Adoptable Animals in Central California

Every week, photographer Jess Lessard volunteers at Cat House on the Kings, the largest no-kill shelter in Parlier, California, and donates her remarkable talents to help adoptable animals find safe and loving homes.

Each week, as a regular volunteer, I get the chance to help photograph cats, kittens, and even some puppies to help bring awareness to the sanctuary and aid in the adoption of the animals. The Cat House is a dream life for a cat without a home, with plenty of trees to climb, couches, tables, chairs, computers and pretty much everything else imaginable to climb and sleep on. For the human visitor, it is often a surreal experience, as cats rule at the CHOTK. They are literally everywhere you look and sit. The sanctuary is also a permanent home for some, including many senior cats and cats with FIV.

Donations can be made to the Cat House through their website or through their partnership program with Fresh Step among others.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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