Ben & Jerry’s Israel Debuts a Limited Edition Charoset-Flavored Ice Cream That’s Kosher for Passover

Charoset Ice Cream for Passover

Ben & Jerry’s Israel has a debuted a new kosher for Passover ice cream flavor that uses charoset (clay), the traditional Passover dish that symbolizes the mortar that enslaved Israelites used to create bricks for buildings in Ancient Egypt, as a key ingredient. The sweet fruit and nut concoction and other yummy ingredients are mixed with vanilla ice cream for a deliciously unique treat.

(Translated from Hebrew) Why is this night different from all other nights? On all other nights we do not even add one point. This Passover, Passover for eight flavors! Vanilla, coffee, strawberry, chocolate, chocolate with walnuts, banana with walnuts and dulce de leche – and a special taste, a limited edition fine cream ice cream with vanilla and charoset!

Charoset Ice Cream Promo

images via Ben & Jerry’s Israel

via Jewish Standard, Bustle

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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