Beatboxing Japanese Zen Buddhist Monk Performs a Gorgeous Live Looping Remix of the ‘Heart Sutra’

Yogetsu Akasaka, a talented beatboxing Japanese Zen Buddhist monk, performed the traditional “Heart Sutra” chant as a realtime remix using the technique of live looping on his Boss RC-505.

This is Japanese ‘Heart Sutra’ vocal live looping remix by Yogetsu Akasaka, a Japanese Zen Buddhist monk.

Akasaka told Vice that prior to becoming a monk, he was a traveling beatboxer, a busker, and actor. When he received his calling to become a monk, he decided to incorporate his love for music from his previous life.

I always had a love for music and wanted to continue my passion even after becoming a monk. Which is why I had decided to take on beatboxing again …I am honoured to be able to combine my passion with my religious beliefs, and that this has impacted people around the world.

Here are some other beautiful performances by Akasaka.

via Born in Space

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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