A Mama Bear and Her Cute Little Cubs Enjoy a Refreshing Dip in a Tennessee Backyard Pool

Bears Playing in Pool

In 2016, a big mama bear and her two little cubs enjoyed a refreshing dip in the big, beautiful backyard pool of Gatlinburg, Tennessee resident Cindy Dorrow. Dorrow was surprised to see her ursine visitors so close to home, but she kept her wits about her enough to keep filming as much as she could.

Part One

Part Two

More recently in 2017, another mama bear came down from the San Gabriel Mountains and into a Monrovia, California neighborhood to go for a swim with her two cubs.

A mother bear and two cubs came down from the San Gabriel Mountains into our neighborhood. The bears swam for a few minutes and then left made their way back towards the mountain. My wife Jenny, witnessed the event with me. We are accustomed to having a lot of wildlife in our area.