Artist Transforms Sharp Rock Rising From the Waters on a Beach in Goa, India Into a Great White Shark

In March 2015, traveling mural artist Jimmy Swift came across a tall, sharp rock that rose out of the water on the beach of Goa, India and turned it into a rather realistic great white shark with extremely pointy teeth. Swift stated that this was the most difficult work of art he’d ever made.

This was the hardest thing I’ve ever painted. I was literally beaten up by the waves and rising tide and forced to stop before it was finished. I could have done better, but between the blowing sand and wind, splashing waves, burning hot sun and the fact I’ve never painted a shark before or painted on a 3-dimensional surface like a rock…

In March 2017, Swift returned to the site and gave his then-faded Carcharodon carcharias new life.

After two years my shark was almost completely faded away, so a fresh coat of paint and he’s back and ready for more selfies.