A Bale of Hay Inexplicably Moves Across a Farmyard

A farmer in Noggerup, Western Australia was surprised to find that a round hay bale that had been moved away from the reach of mischievous bull calves, was inexplicably moving across the yard. What the farmer hadn’t yet realized, however, is that one of these playful little bulls had followed the bale over the fence as if it were a game.

I had moved the hay bale away from the fence, so the bull calves couldn’t put their heads through the fence to get at the hay. I picked up the bale with the tractor forks and reversed up then place the hay on the ground when I realized the hay bale was still moving! I jumped out of the tractor and started recording Jax, the 7 month old square meater bull calf had jumped the fence to chase and play with the hale bale