A Tiny Baby Elephant Attempts to Climb a Steep Riverbank After Enjoying Her Very First Bath

Baby Elephant

A nail-biting clip from the BBC Earth series Elephant Family and Me shows a tiny baby elephant in the Tsavo wilderness of Kenya, surrounded by nanny elephants, walking over to the river to enjoy her very first bath. The days old pachyderm slid into the cool water quite easily, but exhausted herself trying to climb out. None of the nannies had enough experience to offer any assistance. Luckily, a caretaker was available to show all of the elephants a much easier way to exit the river.

An elephant calf just a few days old has her first bath in the waterhole with her helpful nanny elephants – but climbing out is harder than getting in.

Baby Elephant Climbs Out

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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