Baby Crocodiles Make Laser Gun Sounds

An adorable clutch of affectionate baby Cuban crocodiles who were enjoying a lovely swim in the bathtub, emitted a series of wonderful happy noises that sound like laser guns.

These tiny, critically endangered reptiles are residents of the Dragonwood Conservancy, a nonprofit refuge for endangered reptiles in Wisconsin that helps to foster repopulation and provides herpetological research and education.

Keeper Brad Valle interacts with the reptiles on a regular basis, so it’s not surprising they become attached to him

Our interaction is phenomenal it’s actually awesome! They follow me and my hand anywhere and just wanna be anywhere I am!

This unique chatter is not exclusive to only to the Cuban variety, baby Siamese crocodiles (also critically endangered) emit the same sounds as well.

These pure blooded siamese crocodile babies are just amazing!!! So vocal and down right adorable enjoying some time together as a clutch !!! They are kept mainly in individual houses but once a week I like to put them together for a few reasons one being interaction between each other another being full group.