Assled, A Lightweight Wearable Snow Sled That Can Be Conveniently Folded Up and Carried Like a Yoga Mat

Assled Wearable

Zbynek Šuba and Michael Podešva, the originators of Snowfeet attachable mini skis, have created the Assled, an incredibly handy wearable, lightweight, and convertible snow sled that can be folded up and carried like a yoga mat. The Assled can be worn and used by one person or be used flat like a traditional sled and has handles on either side for better control while sliding down a snow-covered mountain.

Assleds can be folded like a yoga mat, so they can be attached to a backpack and are easy to carry around. …Slide down the hill, walk your way up, and repeat. What’s more, if you fasten Assleds on your body, you don’t have to take them off while walking uphill!

Assled Upright Mountain
Assled Two People
Assled Upright
Assled Folded

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Lori Dorn
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