Snowfeet, Mini Skis That Easily Clip on Over Boots


Zbynek Šuba and Michael Podešva have created Snowfeet, a lightweight pair of mini ski attachments that clip on over your boots, allowing you to hit the slopes, and take out the burden of carrying around large skis and poles. They are available to purchase from the Snowfeet store.

You don’t need to carry any heavy skis, snowboards, ski poles or special ski boots. Snowfeets are very light and fit to any small bag.

Moreover, Snowfeet allows you to go to places, where it is difficult to get with skis or snowboard. You can climb the mountain only with a pair of Snowfeet in your hands and then go down the hill through the forests and be the part of a winter nature. Places like small forest paths, where everything is covered by snow, will make you feel that real beauty of nature. (read more)

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