The Difficulty of Getting Past One’s Own Sense of Shame In Order to Ask Others for Help

The late, great Fred Rogers very wisely advised us all to always look for the helpers in times of need, but as the always insightful School of Life explains that it isn’t always easy to do so. When a person feels that they are alone in their agony, they may expect others to pick up on subtle hints, because directly asking for help is shameful. Unfortunately, those who can help don’t necessarily understand that they need to help.

The apparent indifference of others truly is only apparent. We need to learn to scream. Sadly, we tend to lack any confidence to do so precisely when it would be most necessary, because a primal embarrassment takes hold of us around being in need,… Part of the tragedy of being desperate is how illegitimate our agony feels to us. The next time we are in trouble, we must remember not to hate ourselves for requiring help and should call out, hopeful in the knowledge that most people around us will respond to our pain once it reaches their ears.