‘Asian Food’, An Illustrated ‘Domics’ Cartoon About Bringing ‘Exotic Food’ to School

In “Asian Food“, a recent episode of Domics, Toronto-based illustrator Dominic shares his childhood memories of the “exotic” food that he brought to school as a kid and how his classmates responded.

My biggest concern revolves around the snacks I brought. You see there’s this Filipino snack called
sweet corn and it has an uncanny resemblance to Corn Pops. I brought some to school one day in a sandwich bag and a classmate would come up to me and excitedly ask “Hey, can I have some? I love those.” And in my head I’m like wow, my non-Filipino classmate is not only aware of his Filipino snack but enjoys consuming them like I do. So she reaches end takes a handful and stuffs them in her mouth, chews for two seconds immediately changed her expression to disgust and regret.

via Tastefully Offensive