Brilliant Artwork Made Out of Designs Cut From Coins

Jeweler Micah Adams creates absolutely brilliant artwork with coins he collects from all over the world. Using a jewelry saw, Adams painstakingly cuts the coin to isolate the designs he wants and then arranges it as lively collages, clever miniatures, and interesting jewelry. He also cuts coins in half to create surreal, if not amusing, original designs. Adams stated that currency appealed to him as a jeweler in the context of a disposable world.

More and more the goods we use every day are made to be disposable. However, coins may be the oldest objects we handle on a day to day basis. As a jeweler, I repurpose the endless array of themes and motifs found on world coinage into fine-scale collages.

Adams has several of his designs available for purchase through his Etsy store.

via Colossal