Ambidextrous Artist Draws Amazing Portraits Using Both Hands at the Same Time

Colin Darke of Detroit is a really talented ambidextrous artist who draws amazing portraits with both hands at the same time. This artistic calling came to Darke after his career as both a lawyer and a scholar. Darke states that he seeks to give others joy with his unique talent.

Once a self described art snob who heavily edited his own work, Colin said it was when his ambidextrous art took off on TikTok that he realized his ability to freely create didn’t just bring him joy, but others, too.

In addition to his millions of followers on social media, Dark also won “Best in Class” for Gary Vaynerchuk’s #GaryVeeChallenge

As the world’s most prominent ambidextrous artist, Colin Darke’s videos have been viewed online almost million times….he filmed himself creating his two-handed masterpieces and was immediately thrust into viral success, winning “Best in Class” for Gary Vaynerchuk’s #GaryVeeChallenge in the process.

Here’s a compilation of Darke’s work.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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