An Audacious Arctic Fox Adorably Convinces a Protesting Siberian Fisherman to Share His Bounty

An audacious little arctic fox attempted to convince Siberian fisherman Ildar Biktimirov to share his bounty. Biktimirov repeatedly protested loudly in a gentle effort to scare the fox away from his day’s catch, but as soon as the fox did something really cute, the fisherman relented. Biktimirov spent much of the day playing with and rewarding the fox with fish.

Arctic Fox Digging at Ice Hole

At the end of the day, the fox was very fortunate to discover that Biktimirov left behind fishy remnants, which were stuffed into each cheek as a hamster would do.

Arctic Fox Stuffing Cheeks

The last video about the fox that day! They poured out the remnants, he filled his mouth like a hamster and ran away!

via b3ta