A Full Head Smiling Sloth Mask That Unleashes One’s Hidden Inner Beast of Slow Moving Relaxation

Sloth Mask Hanging

Online novelty retailer Archie McPhee, who are known for their wonderfully realistic looking masks, has added a full head smiling sloth to their collection of masks. Once a person places this mask upon their head, they release their inner slow moving creature and move into a lifestyle where everything is peaceful, relaxed and completely chill.

Our new Sloth Mask is here! It’s more than a mask, it’s a lifestyle. A beautiful, slow lifestyle. …Judgemental people think the sloth is slow, but we know they’re actually conserving their energy for important activities like Taylor Swift concerts and half marathons. Stop rushing around and just relax.

Sloth Mask

Sloth Mask Treehugger

Sloth Mask Alone