A Dancer Gracefully Expands Her Apartment in a Colorful Apple HomePod Ad by Spike Jonze

Welcome Home Spike Jones Apple HomePod

In “Welcome Home”, an ad for the Apple HomePod, directed by Spike Jonze, a tired woman, played by singer/dancer FKA Twigs, squeezes herself out of a very crowded subway and a packed elevator to finally arrives home.

Once safely inside, she pours herself a drink and defeatedly tells Siri to play something she likes. As the beautifully rhythmic tones of the song “Til It’s Over” by Anderson Paak settle around the room, she discovers that she’s able to expand everything in her apartment by dancing. This allows her to go through walls and even step through a mirror where she freely dances with herself.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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