Realistic Anamorphic Digital Waves Appear to Crash Inside of a Glass Box on Top of a Building in Seoul

South Korean advertising agency Dstrict has created highly realistic illusion of high definition waves that appear to repeatedly crash into the walls of a giant glass box that sits over K-pop Square at Coex in Seoul. This incredible anamorphic illusion, which is the largest outdoor advertising screen in the country, is the first of its kind for the agency.

We, dstrict specializes in designing, making, and delivering breathtaking visual content on Digital Out of Home. In order to offer the world a new experience, we are proud to announce some exciting new business – IP licensing. Our first case of IP licensing, ‘WAVE’ with anamorphic illusion has been successfully revealed on a magnificent DOOH of COEX K-POP SQUARE, the largest & high-definition outdoor advertising screen in S.Korea at 80.1m (w) x 20.1M (h).

Wave Anamorphic Advertising Installation