An Up Close Preview of the Brand New, Art-Adorned Second Avenue Subway Line in New York City

The New York City subway system has always been an incredibly convenient way to traverse the famous city, that is, unless the trip called for travel up and down those streets that are furthest east. Luckily, after many, many years, the plan for a Second Avenue Subway has not only come to fruition, but the first phase (from 96th Street through 63rd Street) will be ready to ride at noon on January 1, 2017 per Governor Andrew Cuomo. Once entirely complete, the newly christened T-line will stretch all the way down to Hanover Square. The New York Times shared their up close preview of the completed first phase.

What follows is the first subterranean tour by a reporter of the new subway’s art, created at a cost to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of $4.5 million, out of an overall budget of $4.45 billion. Four artists were chosen beginning in 2009, from a pool of more than 300 high-profile applicants, to treat the stations as their very own and make them into individual installations.

This new subway line will also feature the artwork of Vik Muniz, Jean Shin, Sarah Sze and Chuck Close.

72ndStreet: Vik Muniz, Perfect Strangers
Perfect StrangersVik Muniz (at 72nd Street)

63rdStreet: Jean Shin, Elevated
ElevatedJean Shin (at 63rd Street)

96thStreet: Sarah Sze, Blueprint for a Landscape
72157677942834956/”>Blueprint for a LandscapeSarah Sze (at 96th Street)

86thStreet: Chuck Close, Subway Portraits
Subway PortraitsChuck Close (at 86th Street)

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