An Animated Explanation of How April 20th (420) Became Associated With Marijuana

The term 420 is very popularly associated in the context of marijuana culture and rumors of how it came to be are varied and mythical. With this in mind, Fusion decided to dig into its origins and found that a group of San Rafael (Raf-el) students in Northern California were at the heart of the story.

a group of kids at San Rafael high school in California …heard about a coastguard station nearby that was next to an abandoned marijuana growth they decided to go on a pot ops. They met at the Louie Pasture statue near the school at 4:20 p.m. to search for the growth. They never found this magical field of weed but they started meeting daily at the statue to smoke pot at 4:20. Then they spread the concept at Grateful Dead shows across the nation and that’s how April 20th became 420