Amazing Found Footage of Actor Abe Vigoda Being Interviewed by His Teenage Grandson Jaime

In an undated video from the early 90s, the late and great Abe Vigoda sat down for an interview conducted by his grandson Jaime Fuchs for the Lakeland Regional High School morning television show. Vigoda’s pride in his grandson was evident throughout the interview, as he genially answered questions about his acting career, including how old he was when he started acting.

In the first grade I was in the class and a teacher came in from the drama department and they said they were doing a play…and they needed one actor. One role was open there for a boy – one boy only…Well I raised my hand and the teacher looked around the room and he said who would like to audition and I raised my hand. About 20 other boys raise their hands and then she looked at me again and she said that Abe I think i’m going to give you the part because you look old. I said I’m only six years old teacher. She said I know, but you look old and I’ve been playing old roles ever since – older than I am.

In 2015, 34-year old Jaime Fuchs, a designer in Austin, Texas, suffered a stroke and required surgery on his heart. A GoFundMe page was set up to assist with ongoing medical expenses.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips