Alton Brown Whips Up Carbonated Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream With a Fire Extinguisher in 10 Seconds

While promoting his new Broadway show “Eat Your Science“, the wonderfully eccentric food expert Alton Brown appeared on The Late Show to whip up a batch of carbonated pumpkin spice ice cream with the hilarious assistance of host Stephen Colbert. The two men stood on either sides of the fire extinguisher-powered device, squeezed the levers and after the count of ten, the ice cream was complete.

an ice cream mixture…has gone into this water type fire extinguisher. We’ll fire that at the same time we fire the fire extinguisher. When the gas leaves that, the temperature will drop to 100 degrees below zero, creating a gallon of ice cream in ten seconds. …Sometimes in culture one has to learn to swallow something one does not like. …and for me that something is pumpkin spice latte. …I’m going to make an ice cream out of it which I hope will make it better.