A Psychedelic AI Generated Music Video for the Pink Floyd Album ‘Dark Side of the Moon’

Euclid from Hueman Instrument and other artists worked together virtually to create a colorfully psychedelic AI-generated music video for the iconic 1973 Pink Floyd album Dark Side of the Moon. Each artist illustrated a different song on the album.

Artists and Timecode:

itspoidaman –  0:00 (Speak to Me)

johannezz – 1:15 (Breathe)

Ryunuck & Shellworld – 3:59 (On the Run)

ronnykhalil- 7:33 (Time Part 1)

Hueman Instrument – 10:03 (Time Part 2)

PixelsAndSynths – 14:38 (The Great Gig in the Sky)

Artificial_Invader – 19:23 (Money Part 1)

AI Manifest – 23:11 (Money P)

Visual Frisson – 25:26 (Us and Them Part 1)

SynthGarden – 30:07 (Us and Them Part 2)

Hueman Instrument – 33:36 (Any Colour You Like)

Kitchen – 37:01 (Brain Damage)

Medjed – 40:52 (Eclipse)

Dark Side of the Moon AI

The group was inspired by the Laserium show that features the same album.

A few of us have teamed up together to take on different songs from the ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ album by Pink Floyd and created an entire visual accompaniment to the album in the same vein as a laserium show or Dark Side of Oz.  

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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