Actor Toby Huss Croons ‘California Über Alles’ as Rudi Casoni, Frank Sinatra’s Bastard Son

Actor Toby Huss is a man of many talents. Aside from lending his incredible acting talent to the role of John “Boz” Bosworth on the sublime AMC series Halt and Catch Fire and his vocal talent to various voices in the animated series King of the Hill, Huss also has a fascinating alter ego named Rudy Casoni, singer Frank Sinatra’s bastard son. Like his estranged father, Casoni loves to croon and, with this in mind, performed a melodic version of the Dead Kennedys’ classic song “California Über Alles” backstage while getting dressed for a show. Maureen Herman of Boing Boing asked Casoni why he decided to do this song.

This shitbird parade of a presidential election has been trying to murder me for months now. So I fought back the only way I know how: with booze. Plenty of booze. But then a song. And then some drunken singing. Then I got sick all over a good suit and fell asleep in a warm dumpster behind a nightclub humming a punk rock tune. That’s the Casoni way, so shove it. I know that bum Jerry Brown is behind this turdshow anyway, so I’m voting for Liquor. Mr. Malted Liquor.

Huss/Sinatra from 2011.

via Boing Boing