Old-Timey Musician Plays AC/DC’s ‘Highway to Hell’ on a Beautiful Hybrid Banjolele With an Irish Drum Body

Tweed-wearing, old-timey musician Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq., (previously) performed an acoustic cover of the classic AC/DC song “Highway to Hell” on a unique Bodhralele gifted to him by BTLX Guitars.

I decided to test the bodhralele’s capabilities a little further on this AC/DC classic, by adding some distortion (I also had to transpose the whole thing because there is no way I can sing as high as Bon Scott or Brian Johnson!)

This instrument, which is formally known as the Bodhran Series Banjolele, is a beautiful hybrid instrument that combines the warm tone of a traditional Irish Bodhran drum with the high lilt of a banjolele.

The Bodhran Series Banjolele, or Bodhralele™ as we prefer to call it, represents the fusion of two very different cultures into one incredible and fun musical instrument – Irish and Hawaiian.