A Wonderfully Chatty Rescue Dog Whose Vocal Cords Were Removed Is Still Able to Bark

An amazing Airedale terrier named Marshall had a difficult start. The sweet dog was shuffled from place to place until he found a safe, loving and permanent home with J Wagner. At some point prior, Marshall’s vocal cords had been removed, but the resilient dog hasn’t let that stop him from being his wonderfully chatty self. In fact, his current humans love him just the way he is, although they condemn the practice of vocal cord removal and make sure that Marshall isn’t suffering in any way.

The dog we rescued has no voice box, but he still loves to bark and it sounds awesome. …I couldn’t imagine him sounding any other way. That being said, It is a really cruel practice to remove or cut vocal cords and I wish he could still bark like other dogs. The scar tissue in his throat occasionally gets irritated and he makes sad sniffling noises. Our vet keeps his eye on it.

Marshall also has a very uniquely adorable way of drinking water.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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