A Trio of Newborn Goats Wear Hand-Knit Sweaters to Ward off the Chilly Maine Spring Weather

A trio of tiny newborn Nigerian Dwarf goats clad in hand-knit sweaters, pranced around their mom on a chilly spring day at the wonderful Sunflower Farm Creamery in Cumberland, Maine. Pretty soon these little ones will be ready for the traditional run around the farm with the other kids.

When the temp dropped below freezing on these kids’ first night we knew it was the perfect timing to pull out the amazing trio of sweaters which Stella, a farm follower from Tennessee sent us awhile back as a gift! They fit a Nigerian Dwarf newborn perfectly. So cozy and made of beautiful wool! It pretty much made my morning to see them out and about with GoGo in their amazing sweaters! The kids wore the sweaters on their first adventure outside with mom. They were just born yesterday so it took them a bit to get their feet working, Arthur kept walking backwards, but by the end he was getting his leap on!