A Touching Animated Poem Celebrating What True Love Looks Like at the Age of 85

In the beautifully animated narrative “Love is the Only Reason We’re Alive“, poet IN-Q speaks to the beauty of being in love at the age of 85, but wishes for all those listening to find love much sooner.

Imma love her until she loses
every last root and has to glue dentures to her gums chew solid food
ooh now that’s real love dude,
that some push comes to shove love
not when it’s convenient love
hospital bed love
feed her ice chips love
never leave the room love
sleeping in a chair love
prayed up above love
have to pull the plug
miss her in my bones love
everything about her love
died within a month love
can’t live without her love
love the only reason that we are alive
and none of us should have to wait until we’re 85

via DesignTAXI