Three Bugs Reveal What Night in the City Looks Like From Their Point of View in ‘A Real Bug’s Life’

In a dramatic clip from the Disney+ series A Real Bug’s Life, three urban bugs, a jumping spider, a praying mantis, and a cockroach, reveal what nighttime in the city is like for them from their point of view. Essentially, each has to find a way to sleep, eat, and stay safe from the others.

It’s dangerous after dark for bugs in the big city. Praying mantises are awake and looking for their next meal. Jumping spiders must hide themselves away to ensure some well-earned rest. Meanwhile, cockroaches have to be extra wary if they want to find dinner and avoid becoming someone else’s.

The series is based on the animated Pixar film A Bug’s Life and is narrated by actress Awkwafina.

Inspired by Pixar’s A Bug’s Life and narrated by Awkwafina, A Real Bug’s Life is now streaming on Disney+. Enter an unseen micro-verse where a charismatic cast of miniature heroes use mind-blowing superpowers to survive.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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