A Tiny Pair of Feisty Goats Visit a Couple of Beautiful but Painfully Shy Giraffes Inside Their Enclosure

Goats Meet Giraffes

In the ongoing Oregon Zoo series “Tiny Goats Visit“, a feisty hircine pair of dwarf goats named Ruth and Sonia (both for the Supreme Court Justices) walked across the park to visit a pair of beautiful, but painfully shy giraffes inside their enclosure. Because the goats were so buoyant upon entrance, the giraffes backed themselves into the trees at first. After awhile, however, they warmed up to their visitors a bit, coming closer, but never taking an eye off these unruly little kids.

So we first came in the giraffes got a little bit startled but that kind of makes sense because they’ve never seen goats before. …after a little while I think they got a little more comfortable with the goats. They slowly, slowly inched their way forward to eat the boughs but they always kept their eyes on the goats so I thinkthey were really interested in them.