A Markable Guitar Fretboard Sleeve That Adds a Handy Visual Element to Learning Notes and Chords

Fret Friend is a convenient, adjustable, markable and washable sleeve that allows users to directly plot notes, scales and chords onto a guitar fretboard and adds a handy visual element to the learning process.

Scale and chord diagrams are usually complex structures. With Fret Friend you can draw them directly on your fretboard. Because you’re the one marking them they can be in any tuning, shape or form!

  • Quickly and easily improvise and create your own melodies.
  • Never feel lost trying to find the right note
  • Learn faster and with less frustration
  • Improve your guitar grip

Ever felt like marking your fretboard to know where to place your fingers? Now you can! Check it out:…

Posted by Fret Friend on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Team, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, is currently raising funds through Kickstarter in order to bring Fret Friend to market.

Pentatonic Minor Scale

Fret Friend





Marking Scales

images via Fret Friend