A Man Goes to Great Lengths to Make Every Piece of a Suit From Scratch Over Ten Months

In “How to Make a $4,000 Suit in Only 10 Months“, Andy George, host of the video series How To Make Everything, personally handcrafted a suit including hemp pants, a cotton shirt, a wool vest, an alpaca felt jacket, a leather belt, and a silk tie. George spent 10 months gathering the raw materials for each step of the process, including picking cotton, killing and skinning a deer, and collecting silk from worms before processing them into fabric and finally assembling his crude outfit.

Even with all his hard work, George came up short for materials and ends up with somewhat less clothing than he was expecting. What he ends up with is also not truly a suit, which is defined as a jacket and pants made of the same material.

Interested viewers can watch the individual episodes George put together for each of the 10 steps of the process as well as the shorter video which outlines the whole endeavor. George also followed a similar process to prepare himself a chicken sandwich over the course of six months in a recent episode of the series.