A Humorously Accurate Portrayal of Insomnia as an Incredibly Annoying Person Who Won’t Stop Talking

In “What It’s Like To Have Insomnia” by CollegeHumor, comedian Mike Trapp portrays an incredibly annoying and very persistent personified version of insomnia who won’t stop talking to a stressed out man who looks like him and who wants, more than anything, just to fall asleep.

In the morning you have a meeting then you’ve got fix your email because that is a total mess. Gotta find some time to schedule a dentist appointment …and your mom’s birthday is coming up. Are you thirsty? Are you sure? …What about your pillow? Is it weirdly flat like they took a bunch of stuffing out of it? Isn’t it crazy that there’s no comfortable place to put your arms?

Also on the subject of insomnia, artist Jacob Andrews created a wonderfully accurate illustration that explains “The 7 Stages of Not Sleeping at Night”.

7 Stages of Not Sleeping at Night

image via CollegeHumor