A Day at the Offices of Poopy Cat, A Company That Makes Biodegradable Litter Boxes

The employees at Poopy Cat, the biodegradable litter box service about which we previously wrote, are so dedicated to the feline users of their product that they make sure to have a dozen or so freely roaming around their office.

At Poopy Cat we have cats living in the office permanently. This way we can develop, test and improve our concepts in close collaboration with the end-user. They make our employees and visitors smile and they provide enchanting ‘aaawww’ moments. Cats want their hard working humans’ undivided attention. If not serviced immediately this may result in serious consequences… Meowing thru calls, screen blocking, keyboard naps, all examples of distracting and unprofessional cat behavior! At the end of the day though, we love the crazy catmosphere at our office and we would not want it any other way! We decided to make a short video of a regular office day to show cat lovers around the world how awesome cats can be in an office environment!

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips