A Beautiful Stop-Motion Film That Presents a Touching Theory As to Why the Sea Is Blue

Filmmaker Vincent Peone has created a beautiful short film that utilizes stop-motion and an underwater soundtrack to bring his vision to life. Positing that the blue color of the ocean comes from tears that fish shed when a little girl is rescued from the bottom of the sea, the film acts as a strong metaphor for individual experience. The film was produced through Field Day, although Peone crafted the story several years before, at a time when his sister was ill.

…a poignant metaphor for what he thought might be going on in his sister’s mind while she was in a life-threatening coma. Peone wrote this intimate and touching film years ago and finally had the means to bring it to life with Field Day. Much of the score was actually recorded underwater, which lends the film’s incredible and fantastical visuals an entirely unique feeling and tone.