A Baby Lamb Named Smokey Takes Up Temporary Residence in New York City and Becomes the Talk of the Town

Smokey da Lamb

A little lamb named Smokey, who was once abandoned by his mother and nearly froze to death at the Violet Hill Farm in West Winfield, New York, now lives the life of a trendy Manhattanite, making appearances at cafés and restaurants around the city. Smokey’s foster parents Maxine Cher and Sandy Dee Hall, the manager of Black Tree restaurant, took the little one in when he was only four days old. In an interview with the New York Post, Smokey’s foster parents admitted that, unfortunately, once the little lamb is weaned off his bottle, he will have to move back upstate.

As attached as they’ve become to their lamb, Cher and Hall realize he won’t be little for long. “He’ll grow to be 140 pounds, and his hooves make a lot of noise,” Cher says. “In a New York apartment, with neighbors, that just wouldn’t work.” And so, once Smokey’s weaned from the bottle and eating on his own, he’ll return to Violet Hill — though the couple plans to formally “adopt” him to protect him from ending up as someone’s Easter feast. Meanwhile, Hall’s removed lamb from Black Tree’s menu, and Cher’s sworn off mutton for life.

Snow Lamb

LES Lamb

Grass is Always Greener

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Sleepy Lamb


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via The New York Post