A 1957 Film Featuring Confectioners Shaping ‘London Rock’ Candy by Hand From a Huge Roll

British Pathé shared a 1957 film from their archives that features confectioners shaping “London Rock” candy by hand. Two colors of candy are expertly combined in large rolls that are then stretched out and cut to create the final product with the words “London Rock” formed by the process.

Three men are lifting a huge roll to chain it on one side so they can hang it to stretch. After the roll is stretched, hand rolling takes place. Rolling has to be done very fast since it takes an hour for the toffee mixture to become too hard to handle. Succession of shots showing how huge thick roll is stretched and rolled into thin strips of London Rock. Rock is then measured and cut (with large scissors) into strips seven inches long ready for packaging.

In 2015 the short documentary “How to Make Handmade Candy” shows how the tradition of this candy style is still being carried on in places like La Confiserie Candy Labs in Montreal, Canada.

via The Awesomer

Glen Tickle
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