An Inside Look at Confectioners Crafting Handmade Hard Candy With Custom Design Centers

Stereokroma, a Nova Scotian production house, has created “How to Make Handmade Candy”, a wonderful 9-minute video showing confectioners behind-the-scenes at La Confiserie Candy Labs in Montreal, Canada as they rolled, stretched and manipulated a base candy formula to create their signature old-fashioned candies with customized designs incorporated in the center.

On a search for something interesting, we look only in places we expect surprises. Inconspicuously located in downtown Montreal, we discovered a shop that makes handmade specialty candy on the spot right in front of you! Have you ever wondered how candy is made? When we were there, we made this documentary video showing how to make old fashioned traditional hard candy — the kind your parents and grandparents reminisce about eating during their childhood. This video shows one type of custom designed and personalized candy and is really a 3 hour process and has been edited into 9 minutes.


Happy Birthday

Mixed Fruit

images via La Confiserie Candy Labs

via Mental Floss, Neatorama

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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