89 Year Old Photographer Creates a Playful Self-Portrait Series That Places Her in Odd Situations

Kimiko Nishimoto, a beautiful 89-year old Japanese photographer known for photographing detailed images of flowers, has embarked upon a whimsical self-portrait series entitled “Playing Kana” in which she puts herself into really amusing, surreal situations. The photos are funny and showcase this talented octogenarian’s playful side. These wonderful photos are on display at the Epson Imaging Gallery in the Shinjuku ward of Tokyo

In this photo exhibition “Playing Kana”, we are planning to exhibit unpublished works, including self-portrait photographs and digital art works that were talked about on the Internet. We plan to use the printer of Colorio V-edition series which is compatible with high image quality and low printing cost, with the large format printer “SC-P2005PS” which realized high speed, rich and smooth gradation expression. Please see the sparkling sensibility and work full of playfulness by all means.

via Photoblog HK, PetaPixel