An 84 Year Old Blind Parrot Born in 1940 Finds a Loving Permanent Home After Years of Abuse

A colorful 84 year old blind Amazon parrot named Koko, who was born in 1940 and has lived in a number of places during his long life, including one that was very abusive, has finally found a permanent home with humans, Ash and Linda in The Netherlands. The couple loves him dearly and he loves them just as much, particularly Linda.

This is how our 84-year-old Koko sounds when he wakes up in the morning and hears his favorite owner, Linda. Koko loves Linda, and secretly, Koko is also Linda’s favorite parrot, even though she loves all the birds here. It’s always fantastic to hear how both of them react when they hear each other.

When Koko Arrived, He Bonded with Chico, A Younger Parrot Who Is 18 Years Old

His bond with Chico is very amazing to see. they are cuddling each other the whole day and playing with each other, eating with each other. It’s important that you have at least two of them so they can have their own bird interaction that we human beings can give.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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