Lady Gaga Offers Sage Words of Wisdom to Her Young Female Fans While Answering 73 Random Questions

While promoting her new film, the fourth reprise of the classic A Star Is Born, actress, singer and fashionista Lady Gaga invited Joe Sabia of Condé Nast Entertainment into the flowery courtyard of her Los Angeles home to answer 73 random questions for Vogue. The perfectly coiffed “Lady” shared her undying love for New York City, how she writes songs, process, greatest inspiration, her strong belief in women’s rights and her hope for the next generation.

I think feminism is the fight for women’s rights for equality and also to protect women as much as possible within rape culture…. to my young female fans I would say your body belongs to you, your mind belongs to you, your emotions belong to you and just always be true to yourself. Exercise what you want to be all the time and if you don’t feel comfortable doing something then don’t do it stay true to who you are.