Why Filmmakers Use the 60-30-10 Color Rule

Filmmaker Wolfcrow explained what the 60-30-10 percent color rule entails and how it is featured in great movies. Essentially, the dominant color (of various shades) is present in 60% of the frame, a secondary complementary color is present in 30% of the frame and the remaining 10% is an accent color. This simple formula provides a balanced color palette with a bit of visual contrast.

In most cases it feels like the colors are not randomly chosen. There’s an intelligence at work. …If a piece of furniture is a particular color in the scene that’s by design. …If the walls are a different color than white or cream, that’s intentional. The color of clothes, of umbrellas, of a car. It’s all done because the filmmakers want to make a statement to the clever and careful use of color one popular formula, To simplify the color design is the 60 30 10 rule 

via Boing Boing