A 3D Printed Yarn Zoetrope With Crocheted Characters That Fill Coffee Cups With Love for Valentine’s Day

Filmmaker Sam Tilson of Super Silly Films built a wonderfully charming, giant 3D printed yarn zoetrope for Valentine’s Day that features a heart spewing volcano that fills up boxes of milk that sit above cupcakes with jumping cloud frosting. As the zoetrope turns, the straws from the boxes of milk add a splash of love to the rotating coffee cups below. Yarn artist London Kaye created all of the adorable characters featured on the wheel.

I partnered with a friend and made a zoetrope out of yarn for Valentines Day! It was animated in Maya and 3d printed to the size of 4×4 feet.

Yarn Zoetrope Sam Tilson

Zoetrope Sam Tilson


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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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