Toppling a Colorful 3D Hexagon Made Out of 13,000 Dominoes With an Inflatable Roast Chicken

Professional domino artist Lily Hevesh (“Hevesh5”) built an incredible multi-colored 3D hexagon made out of 13,000 stacked dominos which set a world record. This build took Lily 52 days and used up most of the space in her apartment

When it came time to topple the structure, Lily asked her friend Mykayla to come over and do the honors. Mykayla didn’t know that Lily had asked Twitter what she should use to topple the hexagon. Someone suggested that she use an inflatable roast chicken from a previous build, which she strung overhead.

I spent 52 days building the world’s largest hexagonal domino structure with 13,000 dominoes… all to destroy it in just 5 seconds!

Domino Hexagon Chicken Topple

Unfortunately, when Lily was showing her friend how to hit the target to release the chicken, she accidentally hit it herself. The chicken landed on the structure but only knocked over a few dominoes as it was too light to do anything else. Lily painstakingly reset the fallen dominoes and added a couple of metal straws to the line for some weight. Mykayla then hit the target. The chicken and the straws knocked the first domino over and the rest followed.

and before you ask… yes, an inflatable rotisserie chicken attached to a string inside a metal boba straw on a pulley system toppled my world record hexagonal domino structure 

Toppling Domino Hexagon

Here’s the topple from a different view.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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